January,…What’s New On The Farm!

Hello to all our readers, and welcome to the first post of 2018!

We want to wish you all a happy new year, good health and great success in your projects this year!

Back in December (during the Holidays), we had some sunny days but many were extremely cold ( some days as low as -40-45 degrees Celsius with the wind chill). My brother and his family came from France to enjoy a white Christmas. Well, they got their white Christmas, and a taste of a real Canadian winter too!! Fortunately once dressed warmly, we still could take some walks, but they needed to be short walks.

That was the end of December. My Brother’s family left and January began, and all month the weather has played yo-yo: we have days at -18 and others at +5 (or even +13). But only a couple that were Really cold.

Checkout all the snow and ice!
These photos of the frost on the trees were taken all on the same day, early in the morning and after sunrise.
On this day the temperature rose to 13 degrees! You can see the fog above the snow. There was fog everywhere that day!!
Here we are after a storm which was supposed to have 5 to 10 cm (2-4″) of snow, but surprised us with 30 cm (a whole foot) instead!
And finally, a peak at our last ice storm: you can see the ice on the fields.

Even in this cold our feathered friends still visit. I tried to photograph some of their delicate tracks in the snow.
As you can see some of our goats like to keep our llama company outside. They have a good shelter with all they need for their comfort (water, straw, hay) and depending on the weather, they eat outside or inside !!

I couldn’t resist sharing these beautiful pictures of the farm taken in the middle of the night by our daughter Dominique with her new camera.
See the ice around the lighted barn during our evening chores? And all the stars ! Impressive.

And we wanted to let you see some of the goats and kids. You can already see how their locks are growing. They get longer so fast! Some are wearing coats (especially our little Eclair) because they were too cold during those Arctic days.

During the Holidays, we also received a new batch of our fingering sock weight yarn Prairie Crocus. Look at all these cones just waiting for you crafters to start creating! This weekend I will take advantage of the warmer weather to dye some skeins! Check for new colours on the website in the coming weeks.

We also wanted to let you know about our next craft show. It will take place in Chesterville on Saturday, February 3, from 9am to 4pm. We hope some of you will be able to drop in. If you are lucky enough to get there you’ll find at our table mohair locks, yarn, kits for knitting and crochet, a selection of our body care products and much more. We will post a reminder with more information about the show during the week.

We wish you a good month of February With lots of winter fun and of course send special wishes for everyone to enjoy a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

4 thoughts on “January,…What’s New On The Farm!

    • Bonjour Sylvie. Ca nous fera plaisir de vous faire visiter la ferme au printemps ou dans l’été. Il suffit de prendre rendez-vous. Quant au festival Twist, je n’y vais pas cette année (peut-être l’année prochaine!). Merci pour votre commentaire 🙂


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