Up Coming Event: … Forests Ontario’s Annual Conference!

As we were excited to share with you a couple of months ago, Les Belles Bouclettes are now active supporters of the non-profit organization Forests Ontario.

In addition to our ongoing donations of pattern and kit sales we were delighted to have the opportunity to donate to their White Pine Silent Auction, a much anticipated event held at their annual February conference.

As they explain on their conference’s webpage:
Every year, Forests Ontario brings together more than 300 landowners, forestry professionals, students, educators and those passionate about our forests to explore key issues. Over the past 68 years, we have explored challenges to our biodiversity, the value of forests to our health and well-being, and the importance of our forests to our communities. Join us every February as an attendee, sponsor or exhibitor, and take part in Ontario’s largest forestry conference.”

This year’s conference is taking place on Friday February ninth in Alliston Ontario, an hour north of Toronto. For more information on attending and/or supporting this worthwhile event please visit Forests Ontario’s Annual Conference page!

If you are able to attend in person do checkout Les Belles Bouclettes and Grey Dove’s Silent Auction donations! Les Belles Bouclettes donations include a knitting kit for a Forests Walks Collections

a cosy hand-knitted On The Slopes Hat (perfect for both the ski slopes and in the deep woods), and a selection of bath products to keep your skin happy and healthy even in winter’s cold.

If you’d enjoy a reminder of the magic of winter nights all year round then Grey Dove‘s painting Netting Stars will be one item for which you’ll want to place a bid!

We wish the organizers and attendees a fabulous day, one that raises awareness and provides help for our precious trees and forests in the weeks and months to come!

PS Posted on: March 2nd.

We are delighted to report that the Forests Ontario conference and silent auction were great successes! The auction raised over $5000 in total, and Les Belles Bouclettes’ and Grey Dove’s contributions added over a hundred dollars to that sum! Think of all the new trees that will be planted this year!

Please remember if you couldn’t make it to the conference, (or lucked out at the auction) you can still shop Les Belles Bouclettes fabulous products right here!

And if you’d like a print, wall hanging or other copy of Netting Stars please visit: Grey Dove’s collection at ShopVIDA.com where you’ll find a selection of products to choose from.


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