April,…What’s New On The Farm!

This is it! Spring is finally here! At the beginning of the month, we could see snow was starting to melt; the buds were starting to come out too. But Winter came back for a last (hopefully) storm with freezing rain and really impressive winds. We were without power for more than 24 hours! (At least the generators worked well!) We were lucky not to have any damages to the barn or to the house because nearby  trees and some electricity poles were broken!
Since that storm (two weeks ago now), geese have finally returned.

The frogs and  squirrels are coming out! Flowers and  grass are starting to grow! Ye-epee, Spring is finally here!

We sheared our angora goats earlier this month. As it was still not warm, I put a shirt on the ones who were really cold. I find them very cute with their spring colors. Since then, their fleeces have started to grow and I took off their little coats. Here are some goats warming themselves in the sun.

When talking about Spring on a farm we think birth. For now, we have 16 little babies, who call their mothers, who play, who sleep together. Here are some photos.

We bottle-feed 2 babies because their mothers didn’t want them. They were too weak at birth and couldn’t stand on their own, they barely moved. So, we brought them home to warm and feed them. After a day of rest, they were able to stand up and walk a bit. When they were strong enough they went back to the barn into a mini-pen.  So they got used to being together and now they think they are brothers.Then, we put them in a larger pen with a group of moms and little ones. And everything is going well.

We feed them 3 times a day.  After having their milk, they stay with us for a little while before going back to their home with their friends! We named them Laurel and Hardy like the movie actors !!

Otherwise, I’m sorting all the newly sheared fleeces. Once done, I’ll send them to the fibre mill as soon as possible.

We are really excited, pretty soon we will be releasing a new pattern made by our designer Nataliya. It’s a new version of the Winter Plumage scarf. This one is made with 2 skeins of our fingering weight yarn Trillium. Isn’t it gorgeous?
We’ll keep you up to date as to when it will be available!!
So those were some highlights of April on the farm!

Hope you have a marvellous month of May, and we wish all moms a beautiful Mother’s Day!

4 thoughts on “April,…What’s New On The Farm!

  1. Merci beaucoup pour les magnifiques photos! Vous êtes chanceux d’avoir des grenouilles bien réveillées. Ici à Oka, on dirait qu’il fait trop froid. Merci aussi d’avoir pris la peine de sauver les deux orphelins. Allez vous venir au Twist de St-André Avelin en août? Si oui, j’irai vous serrer la pince,
    Au plaisir

    Liked by 1 person

    • Merci Sylvie pour ce si gentil commentaire! Ma fille s’est en effet bien amusé à prendre ces photos! C’est drôle pour les grenouilles: nous ne sommes pourtant pas si loin! Malheureusement, non, je ne vais pas au Twist cette année. Surement l’année prochaine! A bientôt et merci encore pour nous suivre , Isabelle


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