May,…What’s new on the farm!!

Finally!! The trees have their leaves, the grass is growing (we’ve had to mow it, twice!), birds are making their nests, flowers are out! Spring is Here!!

All of our pregnant does have given birth. In total, there are 20 babies, 3 of whom need to be bottle-fed. You met Laurel and Hardi last month, … meet Spot, the youngest in a litter of triplets!




Here is a picture of the little ones drinking their milk.

Laurel & Hardi


For a week now the goats have been in the pastures. In the first field, there are moms with their babies, teens, Angora Goats and our faithful lama.
They have access to part of the barn at all times for shelter if they want it.

In the second field, there are adult angora goats.

Angora Goats

And finally, in the third field there are our other goats. In these 2 last pastures, we put mobile shelters filled with straw so the goats can stay there when it’s too hot or when it’s raining.

Here are some photos of Laurel, Hardi, Spot and Eclair (our little angora goats we bottle fed last year)



Laurel, Hardi & Spot



Spot, Hardi & Eclair

Here are 2 videos of moms and their little ones who enjoy running everywhere and being outside!

In our shop during the month of May we were very happy to present our two new patterns : Winter Plumage in Fingering Weight and Ballet Top.Both are available as patterns or in kits. We also added new colors in our Prairie Crocus mini-skeins sets .

For anyone in or able to visit Quebec city, we wanted to let you know that on June 8-9, we will be at the Annual Convention of the Association of Quebec Weavers (link in French) in the beautiful city of Quebec. We will be posting more details soon.

So that was May on the farm.
We’ll be posting soon, and of course will be back next month to share more. Until then, …

Happy Father’s Day to all the Fabulous Dads out there!!!!

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