September, …What’s new on the farm?

Fall is here!! The geese are back. The mornings are foggy. The trees are slowly changing color and temperatures have started to fall!

Earlier this month we sheared our Angora goats. Here are some pictures of them before and after.

Fortunately, we were able to do it while we still had warm nights (above 15 degrees Celsius). Now it is getting cooler, but their fleeces have already begun to grow back, so they are not too cold!
Checkout the bags of fleece that I will start sorting in one or 2 weeks. I have to get sorting quickly because we need to have more yarn spun!!

We also bought 4 new goats. We got them from the same farm as Edouard, our beautiful male Angora. These 4 new little bucks are not even a year old and are already big and strong. They are going to give us abundant and fine mohair fleeces.

Edouard should also give us beautiful babies. His grandfather comes from Texas and has had a kid quality fleece for most of his life! Very good genes! I can not wait to see our babies next year!

This month was the month of our fibre festivals. We had the pleasure of participating in Fibrefest ( Almonte, Ontario) and the Festival de la Ptite Laine (Rivière du Loup, QC). We would like to thank the organizers of these 2 big events. And special thanks to everyone who came to see us at our booths and bought our products! Thank you for your enthusiasm, it is very encouraging and we look forward to offering you more of our beautiful mohair products!

And speaking of mohair products, we know our knitters and crocheters will be excited to hear that we have a new lace weight yarn! In September, we added Butterfly Kisses to our yarn collection! As whisper soft as a summer breeze, working into a fabric as delicate as a butterfly’s kiss, our lace weight yarn is a blend of kid mohair, silk and fine wool. A delight to craft with, our Butterfly Kisses is the perfect yarn in which to create deliciously warm, elegant , next-to-the-skin-soft garments, or precious heirloom pieces. This fine lustrous yarn is exquisitely soft with a delicate halo. Butterfly Kisses is spun (in a Canadian fibre mill) using the fleeces from our Angora baby goats. The airy kid mohair is blended with luxurious silk (for an extra touch of strength and lustre) and fine wool (Charollais cross Dorset) for added memory to help your garments keep their shape.

We already kettle dyed (hand-dyed) some skeins for you in several colours using acid dyes, come take a look!

And more great news!! For the first time, you can buy our Prairie Crocus yarn in a boutique: La Dauphine in Québec city. This is really exciting!

Well that is the farm news for September!

Here in Canada we wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving! And to all of our readers enjoying autumn a gorgeously colourful month of October!

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