November,…What’s new on the farm?

We can say that winter arrived earlier than expected. At the beginning of the month, the goats were still grazing the little bit of grass left in the pastures.  One morning we even had the chance to see a beautiful rainbow! Then the cold weather arrived slowly with hard frosts (minus 10°C). And mid-November brought our first significant snowfall and the temperatures really dropped after that. We even went down to minus 23°C! And more snow has fallen again! The fields are really white now. We have filled the bird feeders and our friends love their new restaurant!  And guess who loves the remaining soybeans in the fields? Dozens of wild turkeys! 
When the weather is nice, we open the doors of our barn and the goats enjoy walking around. Here are some pictures of our goats in the barn. In this one you can see that we are expected, it is time for their grain ration, their favourite treat! .

What’s new in our boutique?
I just made my first scarf on my knitting machine! Like everything it requires practice, but more will come soon.

At our table during our Christmas shows you will find our knitting and crochet kits, our mohair yarn,our hand-dyed mohair socks a large selection of soaps made with our goat’s milk and fresh eggs,not to mention our hand-knit and machine-knit accessories.

Two Gifts in On

Les Belles Bouclettes is proud to support Forests Ontario, a registered charity whose mission is to plant and assist in sustaining healthy trees and forests throughout Ontario!
When you buy one of these patterns (copies are printed on recycled, FSC certified papers) or kits, Les Belles Bouclettes donates part of the profits to Forests Ontario. We include a certificate with your purchase, thanking you for your contribution.
Let’s Plant Trees Together!


You still have 3 chances to meet us at one of the craft shows we have a table at: today in Vankleek Hill, in Ottawa on December 1st or December 8th in Les Cèdres. You also can come to the farm (by appointment only) and of course you can always place an order on our website.

Please remember how much buying local helps your local artisans, farms and businesses! We thank you for your support!
We wish you a Happy Holiday season and good shopping!


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