January,…What’s new on the farm?

At the beginning of January, as you can see we still had just a little snow in our fields.
Then we had some freezing rain. The reflection of the sun in the ice is really magical: it looks like the trees are filled with diamonds.
And last weekend it was extremely cold. See the picture of frost on the outside door of the kitchen.  Then, we had a lot of snow that ended with freezing rain again. What a change from the beginning of the month. Now the fields are covered with snow.
I shoveled a path so that the llama and the goats could go to their outdoor feeders. We also had snow inside the barn!During the month of January we had a visitor for 2 weeks, Ralf, our daughter’s and son-in-law’s dog. Checkout how thrilled he is to be on the farm! Our goats are well. Some are due for a small trim around their eyes. Poor girls, they cannot see much anymore. The hairdresser is scheduled for this week!
As you can see, their locks are growing quite well!
We’ve sent fleeces to the fibre mills. Soon we will be able to restock Prairie Crocus (our sock yarn) and Arctic Wolf (our novelty boucle) just in time, our stocks were very low.
We spent sometime working on our boutique on the farm. Here it is!: Now you can see all our products at a glance. If you want to visit, please remember to call for an appointment to make sure we will be available.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner !

On our website, we added a new page for it where we listed some products assembled to help add a touch of magic to Your Special Day. From mohair locks to yarn sets (one set even comes with one of our goat’s milk soaps) , we are sure you will find something to treat yourself or that special Someone!

Upcoming Event!:
This Saturday, February 2nd, we’ll be at the 20th Chesterville Spin-in from 9am to 4pm and we’ll hope to see you there. We will be posting all the details later this week.

Wishing you a warm and safe February, with a happy loving Valentine’s!


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