March,…What’s New On The Farm?

We had more snow this month. But you can see that winter is finally coming to an end. I had a nice walk with the dogs it was still cold enough that I could walk easily on the snow. But now temperatures are rising and the snow has started to melt. Our crocuses along the house even bloomed. The birds are enjoying the sunflower seeds that fell in the snow during the winter. And I saw the first flights of geese this week. As soon as they can land in the fields they will be here by the hundreds.I couldn’t resist showing you these 2 funny photos of our goats.
On this past Friday, we sheared our goats. Here are the pictures before and after the shearing. And here are the bags of mohair waiting to be sorted. This month, my daughter Fanny and I went to the Fibre Arts Festival in Peterborough and to the trunk show at the yarn shop Spin Me A Yarn. We really enjoyed our weekend and would like to again thank our delightful customers along with the organizers and volunteers who made the festival such a success. And a special thank you to Treena and Bob from Spin Me A Yarn for the invitation and the terrific afternoon we shared with them. We hand-dyed a lot of yarn in different colours. You can see them on our website.

April is going to be a very busy month with all the does giving birth. We’ll have some adorable pictures to show to you in our next post!

We hope you have a beautiful month of April and we wish you all a Happy Easter.

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