April, … What’s New On The Farm?

That’s it, we can finally see the grass. The snow has melted. at last! At the beginning of the month, we had another snowstorm and freezing rain. Then the weather warmed up. Our daffodils bloomed. Now there is lots of rain and since we had lots of snow this year, the rivers and lakes are overflowing. We are safe here on the farm but in the surrounding areas there is a lot of flooding. It is even worst than 2 years ago in some places! We are thinking of all those folks affected by these floods! It’s getting harder and harder to deny these climate changes: freezing rains, floods, droughts, tornadoes just to name the changes that affect us here now!

Our goats had their babies. We had 15. And a really rare surprise, this year we had 1 colored angora baby : a brown-red female we’ve named Ginger.
Here are some pictures of the little kids in their pens.

And a few videos of them having fun!

As you can see, a few of them are wearing coats because they were too cold! In fact, these 3 little ones suddenly began to lose their hair and were naked as mice! Fortunately, it was not contagious. It might be because their mothers’ lacked minerals (they didn’t eat enough of them) while they were pregnant!The minerals were there for them to free feed on in each pen but they might not have eaten enough! Fortunately, the hair of these babies is starting to grow again now!

I finished sorting the fleeces and they are ready to ship to the Albertan fibre mill to be spun! A new batch of our fingering weight yarn, Trillium, will soon be available.

Just a reminder, Mother’s Day is approaching fast! For inspiration, checkout our special Mother’s Day page! You will find a selection of our products including: mini skein sets of our Trillium yarn (available in various themes), a selection of our goat’s milk soaps and many other items that will make delightful gifts for Mom on Her special day!

We are offering a 15% discount on all items listed on that page until May 5th, midnight ET. There is still time to order!!

We hope you all enjoy a wonderful May and change of season.
We wish all Mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day!
And look forward to seeing you in a month!

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