June,… What’s New On The Farm?

Well, we can’t say we had a beautiful Spring this year: All seasonning planting and harvest were delayed by about 3 weeks due to the rain and cold days!
We finally managed to make our hay (almost at the end of June!). Our son came to help us to put all the hay bales (44) in the barn. Thank you so much for your help Denis!
Living on a farm, we have the privilege to see beautiful skies. Here are some various ones: thunderstorm
sunrise and sunset.
We have a couple of swallows that nest in the barn and we were lucky to see a turtle heading towards our pond.
Our hens are doing well and enjoy being outside!
Here are some various pictures of goats and baby goats in their pastures.
The little ones eating their grain in their private pen (their  moms  can’t  come  in!)
AND a goat is always curious! These are very interested in my empty bucket!
And they love climbing (even if this is not high at all) !

Here is a short video where you can see them coming to say hello!

This month, I also dyed some mohair socks for men and women in various colors. You will have your feet warm this winter. They will be available soon on our website.
This month of July will be pretty busy in dyeing as we will participate to various fibre festivals starting in August!

So that was June on the farm. We’ll be back next month to share more. Until then, …Happy Canada Day

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