This Summer,… What’s New On The Farm?

This summer, was quite hot, sunny with just a few rainy days. Some days we had lot of humidity that gave us some thunderstorms with violent winds (luckily no tornadoes here !). We made the right decistion to buy 2 extra 1000L containers this Spring as we were able to collect enough water during these thunderstorms; enough for the garden and my dyeing. As the pastures were quite dry, we had just a few bales of second cut hay (less than 10). But we should be fine for the winter thanks to our large quantity of first cut bales.

Our baby goats are now weaned (separated from their moms). They have grown up and are strong enough to be by their own. And their mums can now have some rest for a few months. Here are the little ones eating their feed. They have fun playing on the rocks or climbing on the ramp. Here they are in the barn looking for the shadow during these hot days.

Meanwhile, moms are happy to eat nettles! Our bucks like to eat apples.

On this short video, you can see how smart is our goat Pepette. She loves our feed so much that she find a way to eat more treats by leaking the feed behind the feeder!! No waste!

Throughout this summer, we hand-dyed a lot of skeins in various colours. My mom came to spend the month of July with us and she helped me a lot. Here she is winding some skeins. Thank you so much for your help Mum!!

And what would be the farm without our cats, dogs and daughters’ dogs? Here are some nice and funny photos!!


This is the season of the fibre festivals. Here is the list of our upcoming events:

We will send you a small reminder a few days before each one!

So it ends our summer’s news. Enjoy fall season with such beautiful colours.

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