September: What’s new on the farm!!


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We had to wait for the last 2 weeks of September to finally have warm and sunny weather! We are really appreciating it even if we will start to need water soon, despite all the rain we had before!! Ha, the weather is never quite right for us!

Our goats are enjoying being outside, eating grass before being inside the barn for long months. Here are some photos of the goats in the fields.

As you can see, our Angora goats have long locks and are due to be sheared soon. The shearing is scheduled for early October!

New bales of hay and straw are inside now!

And here are some pictures of our hens and their eggs: we have between 5 and 6 eggs per day. Our dear hens have gotten used to going outside now. They also are in the habit of scratching the ground to find little treasures to eat! True hens!!

This month we also had our first big show at the Almonte Fibre Fest. We would like to again thank our customers. Your support is really important to us.

I took advantage of the beautiful days to dye some yarn and mohair locks. Here are a few pictures of the different colours. Others will be added soon.

And my friend Grey Dove on her side has made a new kind of soap made with Australian pink clay and activated charcoal. Doesn’t it look beautiful? It will be added to Les Belles Bouclettes this week and its name is Soap Of The Earth!

We also have a new pattern for a capelet, La Vie en Rose. The kit will be available soon. We will write a new post as soon as our new products are live.

Wishing you all an abundant and beautiful autumn!